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Welcome to the Michigan - Full Gospel Businessmens Home

When we were chosen as Editor and Publisher of the Full Gospel Men's Voice, we accepted the call not as an honor bestowed by men but as a privilege entrusted by God to help carry the Message of Light and Truth and Love to the Millions who yet have not heard the Gospel.

Thumb through the Words of God and He will lead you through each problem in life and will turn your problems into new growth with in you.

The purpose of this web site is to be a place where men can find hook-up information where they can connect with other men and FGBMFI Chapters with in the State of Michigan. This web site is to be a site of information for fellow businessmen and men in common that are seeking the Love, Joy, and Peace only found in a relationship with Jesus Christ. It is my sole purpose to develop this web site with the needs of fellow men solely as the central interest and purpose of this web site. That they may become stronger as they participate with one another with in the FGBMFI Chapters here in the State of Michigan. The webmaster

New Chapters and Chapter meetings

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This is a great place to keep in contact with everyone.


Contact Us: Webmaster@fullgospelbusinessmen.50meg.com